Is Halloween 2020 on a full moon?

Is Halloween 2020 on a full moon

Is Halloween 2020 on a full moon?

Yes! This October a rare event will occur; two full moons will light up the sky!

When is the full moon in October? What’s the moon Phase for Halloween 2020?

The first full moon will occur on October 1st and it is a Harvest Moon. The next on October 31st being a Blue Moon.

What makes this rare blue moon special?

Sometimes we hear these special names like “blood moon” or “blue moon” and wonder what those mean. This doesn’t mean that the moon will is actually red or blue. It means they hold significance on how they fall in that calendar year. You can read more about blue moon over at NASA. Each month will have it’s very own full moon but on the rare occasion that a month will have two. This occurrence in the same month is a blue moon. As the saying goes, “Once in a blue moon!”

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How often does a blue moon fall on Halloween?

This amazing part is this Halloween we get the bounty of a blue moon! This occurrence only happens once every 19 years according to the Farmer’s Almanac. We encourage you to create some fantastic memories this Halloween. Get married on Halloween and remember your love in your special full moon!

Full Moon Schedule 2020

January 10 – Wolf Moon
February 9 – Snow Moon
March 9 – Worm Moon
April 7 – Pink Moon
May 7 – Flower Moon
June 5 – Strawberry Moon
July 5 Buck Moon
August 3 Sturgeon Moon
September 2 Corn Moon
October 1 Harvest Moon
October 31 Blue Moon (Halloween 🎃)
November 30 Beaver Moon
December 29 Cold Moon

Is Halloween 2020 on a full moon?
Create and remember your full moon moment

Remember That Very Night

Make this Halloween one to remember with the Moon joy. Whether you’re ready to slip on that fuzzy feline onesie and prepare for a night of horror films with a loved one, or planning a social-distancing Halloween party, or even getting married under the full moon; be sure to capture the once-in-a-lifetime magic that very night. Encapsulate the vision of a night precious to you and revel in it.