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Finding the Significance of A Full Moon and create a Moon Prints

In this article, we will share with you the unique significance of a full moon and what it means in our lives. A full moon is one of eight phases of the moon. We see the face or one side of the moon due to it being tidal locked with Earth. Our tidal locked lunar cycle occurs every 29.5 days so once a month we get the bounty of a Full Moon. Some times we get a rare occurrence and get two full moons in the same month called “once in a blue moon“. We are sorry to disappoint but the moon on this occasion is not truly blue in color, but signifies the rarity of two full moons in the same calendar month. For example, Halloween 10/31/2020 was this rare once in a blue moon.

The beautiful as aspect of a full moon is that it occurs when the rays of the Sun are not blocked by the Earth’s shadow. When you see the full moon, it is shining at its brightest because of the reflected rays of the Sun back on Earth. The moon acts as a mirror reflecting sun rays that are completely illuminating the surface of the Moon. The energy of this lunar sky phenomenon lasts about 3 days, but the Moon memories we create last for a lifetime. It gives humanity a moment each month to ponder and reflect in something much bigger than ourselves.

Moon’s Influence in Our Lives

Humans have been aware of the moon’s influence since they have been living connected to lunar cycles for centuries. Now more than ever, humankind is more interested in aligning with the Moon and it’s cycles of the lunar calendar, magic, power, and energy. Many cultures have their interpretation of the significance of the full moon and throughout history, you will find many rituals and ceremonies performed during the astronomical occurrence.

No matter what kind of knowledge you already have on the Full Moon, our 8 blog series on the Moon phases will help you understand the significance of this beautiful moon and the effect its energy has on human behavior, emotions, and actions. If you are already a Moon addict, check out our personalized Moon phase posters, that you can match with a special moment of your own and create and design it to complement your own personal style.

Moon Prints by The Moon Joy

Moon Prints by The Moon Joy. Our Moon Phase blog series on sharing the meaning of the moon in its phases.
Find your path an traverse the magic of the moon. – The Moon Joy Photo credit: Unsplash

What is the spiritual and personal significance of a Full Moon?

Spirituality, the Full Moon is a representation of end of a cycle and its energy is more passive, feminine, and nurturing than the energy of the New Moon. This time of the month is a time of inner growth and during the Full Moon, like we need a step back from our everyday activities. The energy of the Full Moon is powerful for our emotional and physical body and it helps us align the mind, body, and spirit. When the Full Moon occurs in the night sky it is always a clear message from the our personal higher power that we need to let go of everything that is currently blocking us to live to our potential.

Learning to pause to take a deep breath and reflect. A full moon gives this once a month opportunity and a divine moment of reflection.

The Moon Joy

We all know that Moon is associated with the water on Earth as it is a symbiotic relationship with tidal locking. This is the reason why during the Full Moon one may feel overly-emotional, hormonal, and super sensitive. The energy of the Full Moon is reminding us that we need to pay respect to our emotional body and learn how to balance all of these overwhelming feelings and emotions inside. During this time, we may experience the burst of tears, negativity, toxic traits, or behavior, but no matter what kind of blockages you may be experiencing, the Universe is reminding you to surrender and to simply let go.

A gentle reminder to breathe and let go what we cannot control. This is a time to relax, step back, and have a conversation with yourself. While the New Moon is a time to set intentions for the future and start something new, the Full moon is a time of harvest, culmination, and fruition. Connecting with the Full Moon energy can give us a sense of grounding we’re all missing in the fast-evolving and expanding 21st digital century. Use this time to nurture yourself and listen to what your heart has to say.

Moon Prints

Moon Prints - Custom Moon Phases Poster and moon phase prints by the moon joy

Moon Prints

Moon Phases Print

Custom Moon Phase Poster by The Moon Joy

Moon Prints – Custom Moon Phase Poster Prints

Learning about the Moon will help you better understand and listen to the needs of your emotional body. From ancient times it is believed that the Moon has influenced our behavior, emotions, and inner feelings. In Astrology, there are 12 Zodiac Signs, and therefore 12 different positions of your Natal Moon that could explain better your soul’s emotional beauty and essence.

Having that in mind, our team has created the personalized Moon phase poster that is carefully designed to complement your style. Moon phase poster could also be a great gift for your loved one, a close friend, or a family member that is willing to work on their inner alignment and fully embrace the power of the Moon.

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Every moment celebrates a unique moon. Create your own special moon prints for all your loved ones on special days to them. Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and birth of a child are a few of these rare and special moments.

Moon Prints Discovery Series | Learn the Significance of the Full Moon

Stay tuned for our full 8 blog series on the phases of the moon and their significance in our lives!

Moon Prints | Significance of the full moon print | moon prints | the moon joy
Significance of the full moon print. Photo Credit: Ingmarr Unsplash