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July 16th 2024




Moon Phase Calculator

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Enter the date of the special day you want to remember forever. The perfect way to discover your unique personal moon on your birthday, wedding day, or anniversary.

Remember the significance of your date forever with our moon calculator

Have you ever experienced a moment unlike any other? A moment that made time stand still and made such a memorable impact on your life from that very day forward?

Every last one of us will experience one of these special moments in our lives. What a joy it is to share in these moments with our loved ones. Reflecting on that moment in the moon that took our breath away. Use the moon calculator to find your moment.

Moon Phase Calculator

Discover your special moments for any of these special moments and occasions in your life.

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Moon Phase Calculator | Find Your Special Moon on your Birthday, Anniversary, or any special moment
Moon Phase Calculator | The Moon Joy

Moon Phase Birthday Calculator

Have you ever wondered what the moon looked like on a specific moment in time?

Ever wonder what the moon looked like on your birthday?

You can now discover what your moon was on the special day you were born. Use our the moon phase birthday calculator to discover the moon on the day of the birth of your children. These moments are so special. Cherish them forever with a connection to the moon.

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Moon Phase Calculator

Every single moment has a beautiful and unique moon. Whether your were born on a waxing crescent or got married on a full moon there is magic in that. Discover what moon phase you were born in and give yourself the gift of your moon.